Corporate Relocation Services:

Our Relocation Department knows the business of relocation. Countless relocating individuals, families, spouses, companions, as well as entire departments have benefited from our experience and expertise.

From Washington, DC to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Carolina’s, we have you covered. After targeting certain areas, transferees can then explore and examine potential suburban communities through one point of contact: Fair Base Movers. We manage each move from start to finish.

Our Home Finding Services include

Personalized, informative relocation packages, which include housing costs, cost of living, maps, arts/theatre, shopping and more.
Personalized, informative relocation packages, which include housing costs, cost of living, maps, arts/theatre, shopping and more.
Individual counseling and area tours
Mortgage and financial prequalification
Military Specialists
Rental assistance (fees may apply)
Buyer Representation
Group Move Management at Destination
  • Making the right move
    Moving is not an easy business. Our relocation experts work to make this as stress free as possible. Starting with our initial phone call to incoming city or suburb dwellers, we evaluate their needs and listen to expectations. As the process unfurls, we uncover trepidations about moving from the known, to the unknown. We have at our disposal a host of tools to help you feel at home sooner, rather than later.
  • Our initial "get to know you" telephone consultation
    After our informal information gathering session, we outline potential possibilities for our clients. The choices in the metropolitan D.C. and its surrounding areas can be intimidating, but after our initial phone call, our clients feel more comfortable, which allows us to take them to the next step. We process the information and begin the introductions to neighborhoods in the area. Generally, real estate agents make the biggest impact on whether a transferee enjoys this experience or not. Hence, our next step.
  • We guide our clients through the jungle of information gathering
    Our job is not to tell our clients what to do, but to soften their hard decisions. We give them the information they need, the counseling they want, the support they demand. We have the resources and the time to help clients make educated decisions about living arrangements.
  • Pre-arrival comprehensive consultations
    A relocation specialist talks to every transferee via telephone before their arrival to determine their needs and any specific individual or family requirements.
  • Pre-arrival information packets
    After we gather information, we send the client information on target areas based on their responses. We arrange for a real estate agent to educate them on specific targeted communities in conjunction with or separately from home finding searches. Transferees begin the process of educating themselves on the real estate market and the different costs associated with each area.
  • An expansive network of agents, drivers, and employees
    to manage your move